Not another post about the Eiffel Tower!

I know, I know. As if there weren’t already enough posts on the internet about why you should visit the Eiffel Tower. There must be hundreds, probably thousands out there.

So why this one?

Because I’m not going to try and convince you to visit it. You’re already in Paris and let’s be honest, if you’re visiting Paris you’re going to go and see the Eiffel Tower. It’s basically a given.

Let’s start with what’s cool about the Eiffel Tower

1/ First and foremost, it offers arguably the best view of the city. Making the trip to the top is well worth it and at 324 metres (1,063 ft) high the cityscape you’re rewarded with is simply breathtaking. Perfect for those holiday snaps to make your friends back home jealous.

view from eiffel tower

2/ Take the stairs and you’ll get one hell of a workout. There are over 600 steps to go from the bottom to the second tier from which you can take the lift to the top. Apparently the average person burns 0.42 calories per step which gives a total of more than 252 calories if you go all the way. How about that as a way to justify a second pain au chocolat for breakfast?

eiffel tower stairs

3/ Hang out on the Champs de Mars in front of the tower where you can have a giggle at all the people making fools of themselves for photos. You know the ones, posing with their hand in the air as if they’re touching the top of the tower.

4/ Underneath the Eiffel Tower you’ll always find a variety of street performers. From dancers to mimes there’s always something to entertain you.

eiffel tower mime

5/ Also on the Champs de Mars is a great favourite with Paris tourists: a picnic on the grass looking up at the tower. Bring some cheese, charcuterie, biscuits and wine then grab a baguette from the nearest bakery and spend your afternoon in a way you’ll never forget.

Now for what’s not so cool about the Eiffel Tower

1/ Getting to the top of the tower is worth it but it can take hours! This can make it a difficult experience for adults let alone kids. Prepare for a lot of “Are we nearly at the top yet?”… and that’s just the husbands/boyfriends.

2/ If the queue for the lifts is too long and you’d rather not wait then you can walk it. Did I mention before that to go from the bottom to the second floor is over 600 steps? That’s more than 600 steps that you’ll have to take all on your own. At least you fuelled up on pain au chocolat for breakfast!

3/ Remember how you laughed at all those idiots posing for photos like they’re touching the top of the tower? Well laugh no more because you’re now one of them!

posing eiffel tower

4/ All those pesky performers are a damn nuisance, putting on a show and creating a big crowd. You’ve now got to walk all the way around them to get to the way up. Not to mention they expect people to reward them with a bit of money for the performance, the nerve!

5/ What a great idea that picnic on the Champs de Mars was. What could be more pleasant than cheese, charcuterie, biscuits, wine, and a lovely baguette while looking up at the Eiffel Tower? Too bad everyone else had the same idea!

eiffel tower champs de mars

What do you think? Let me know what you love and/or hate about the Eiffel Tower in the comments section below!

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Lou Messugo

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  1. Love your humorous take on the Eiffel Tower, I pretty much agree with you, though I’d say the absolute worst thing there is all the people trying to sell you junk (which naturally tempts young kids who then bug you to buy the dancing tower or splat ball while you wait in line). Thanks for linking to #AlllAboutFrance

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