The best place to watch movies in English in Paris

One of the great things about being an expat in France is the fact that young people (and some older people too) are becoming more and more into watching their movies and TV shows in the original language.

This is awesome news!

If like me, you love going to the cinema, then this is something you won’t miss while in France due to the abundance of theatres providing screenings in VOSTFR (original version with French subtitles).

Here is my favourite place in Paris to go and watch movies in English.

Movies at UGC Ciné Cité cinema
UGC Ciné Cité cinema

Movies at the UGC Ciné Cité – Cour St Emilion (Bercy)

This place is truly awesome. Not only is the cinema huge with loads of rooms showing almost every new film in VOSTFR, but it’s right in the heart of a buzzing night spot. You can go and have dinner at one of the many great eateries before watching your movie, then go and hit one of the stylish bars afterwards for a drink. You can find the full list of movies playing at the UGC Cour St Emilion here.

There’s even a British-style pub à la française, The Frog at Bercy, providing an effective cure for any homesickness you might be feeling, with decor right out of a London gastropub, their own home brewed beer, good food, and even some expats working the bar.

Going from homesick to happy at The Frog

There is a varied menu at The Frog with everything from Mexican quesadilla to a classic fish and chips. They also drop in some barbeque and soul food from the states as well as a decent choice of big burgers.

If beer is more your thing then you’ll be spoiled for choice at The Frog. They have an array of house beers they brew themselves. From Ginger Twist to Natural Blonde (my favourite), there is something for every taste.

Sound good to you? Check out the Frog here.

Cour St Emilion
The Cour St Emilion at night

Where is the Cour St Emilion?

The Cour St Emilion is in the southeast of Paris in Bercy and is found on Metro Line 14.

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