The best French biscuits

Why would you need to know what the best French biscuits are? Well I’m British. And just like most Brits I love a good cup of tea.

But there is nothing worse than brewing up a fresh pot when you get home from a long day at work and finding your biscuit tin empty.

It’s even worse when you live in another country.

What is a very real possibility is that you’ll find your stash of custard creams and chocolate bourbons depleted and no visit home planned for months!

You could then be looking at a long time without so much as a Rich Tea to dunk into your cuppa. What the hell are you supposed to do?

Obviously there is only one solution. You’re going to have to venture into a strange and mysterious world of French supermarkets. I say strange and mysterious but really they’re exactly the same as back home. The only difference is the exact brands available.

So you’ve gathered your courage, left the house, and made your way to the shop. The question now is, which French biscuits to buy. Luckily for you, I’m here to guide you on your journey to biscuits and tea bliss!

The best French biscuits:

5) Pepitos

Pepito biscuits

We’ll start with Pepitos. I prefer the milk chocolate version but the dark chocolate are great too. A solid dunking biscuit, it holds up well and doesn’t fall apart easily. On the other hand there are better tasting ones which is why it’s only fifth in the list.

4) Dinosaurus

Dinosaurus biscuits

Just like Pepitos, Dinosaurus are a solid dunking biscuit, definitely better dunked than not in fact. Again I prefer the milk chocolate over the dark chocolate. A great addition to any biscuit tin.

3) Galette suedoise

Galette Suedoise biscuits

A bit of a different type here. Galette suedoise are two oat biscuits with chocolate in the middle and have a distinctive taste which stands out from the others in this list. This makes for a great biscuit to have alongside your cuppa although I prefer not to dunk them. This particular brand is only found in Carrefour, so if you live near to a Franprix or Leclerc you’re going to travel further afield to get your hands on them.

2) Delichoc

Delichoc biscuits

Another one which I prefer to eat alongside my brew although it does still work well as a dunker. Delichoc have a tasty, crunchy biscuit with a thick chocolate topping. Once again I prefer the milk chocolate to the dark chocolate, and once again both are great (are you starting to see a pattern here?). You’ve got to be careful with these as you can open up a box and polish off the lot before you’ve even noticed!

1) Petit Ecolier

Petit Ecolier biscuits

And finally here it is! My favourite French biscuit to have with your cuppa is Petit ecolier and in keeping with all the others, I prefer milk chocolate over dark chocolate. These are the best in my opinion as they work equally well as a dunker or as an accompaniment. They have a classic petit beurre biscuit and a slab of rich chocolate as the topping. If you have a box of these in your biscuit drawer you’ll always be happy when tea-time rolls around.

Do you agree or disagree with any of my choices? Let me know your favourite French biscuits in the comments section below!

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Lou Messugo

10 Comments Add yours

  1. Matiou says:

    Petit Écolier chocolat au lait = absolut nuts

  2. Excellent choice of biscuits Monsieur! I love petit écolier to dunk in my coffee (not being a tea drinker, shock , horror, gasp!) Soooo much nicer than a custard creme or bourbon! Thanks for linking up to #AllAboutFrance

    1. Dave says:

      Thanks for the comment!

      That’s the great thing about a hot drink and biscuits, it doesn’t matter what hot drink it is, dunk a biscuit in it and it’s twice as nice!

  3. Janet T says:

    I see you like a bit of chocolate on your biscuit. I hope this makes up for the lack of icing in your absent custard cream! I like plain biscuits for dunking, those were easy to find in France. #AllAboutFrance

    1. Dave says:

      Yep, totally love chocolate biscuits. Chocolate Digestives are better than Digestives, and Chocolate Hobnobs are better than regular Hobnobs too!

  4. I actually prefer French biscuits overall to English ones and love Petit Ecolier. I was in Carrefour earlier and nearly bought some Galettes suedoises but opted for Galette bretonnes instead. I love any pure butter biscuits and now refuse to buy any that contain palm oil #AllAboutFrance

    1. Dave says:

      Got to admit that pure butter biscuits are also something of a weakness of mine… I think I feel a follow-up post coming!

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

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