The EURO2016 guide for Brits

No matter what your team is, international competitions bring everyone together to support the nation. So whether you’re Welsh, English, or Irish, here’s the EURO2016 guide for Brits.

We’ll take a look at when and where all the home nations are playing in the group stages. Find out how to travel to the stadium and the best places to eat and drink while there.

Matches in the EURO2016 guide

Poland vs Northern Ireland Euro 2016

The first post in the EURO2016 guide on LEROSBEEF is for the match between Poland and Northern Ireland in Nice on the 12th June at 21:00 (20:00 GMT).

England vs Russia Euro 2016

In our second installment of the EURO2016 guide on LEROSBEEF, we’re looking at England against Russia in Marseille on the 11th June at 21:00 (20:00 GMT).

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